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Mac Jackson Embrace

"The embraces I portrayed were conceptualized without reference to anything other than my memories of past connections. I created a linocut stamp for the repeated embrace in the heart to symbolize the idea that we share and recreate the connections in our lives multiple times with multiple people"


Forest Wong I Have Your Address Now

"I was inspired by the idea of the art swap and how members of the club send in their addresses to receive artwork from their fellow members. In my piece, I depict a perverse type of “connection” that involves a subject who takes advantage of address information"


Leni Bryan Entangled 
"This year we’ve all been submerged in a new cyber life, and sometimes we feel like we’re drowning in it. This piece represents how young people have managed to stay afloat and maintain connections amidst crisis after crisis."


Sophie Moore


Brian Antonio Zepeda Vazquez


Carlos Sánchez-Tatá Given the Chance

"When thinking about ‘connections’ I immediately thought of my time in quarantine, and how hard it was to be suddenly alone. Taking the time to connect with yourself can feel like the hardest thing to do, and I'm still trying to figure that out"


Liam Hayes


Zoe Gac Show Me Everything
"This painting came from a night I received spectacular visions of conception, birth, life, and death. With this piece I highlight the powerful role the feminine holds in the genesis of life"


Zoe Gac What Are You Thinking About
"This drawing started as a replication of the pattern on a marble countertop, then I started seeing the potential for so many different shapes and I just went with it until it became this" 


Reilly Xu


Victoria Beth Reshetnikov Окружен
"Since I was little I’ve had a relationship with abbreviated forms of nature. I’ve been surrounded by it but haven’t. At the beginning of high school I met the Unicorn Tapestries at the Cloisters for the first time. In the final panel a unicorn sits caged, fenced in, surrounded by the world over; all its plants and flowers teem beautifully around it. The creature is surrounded, but isn’t. What does it mean to me to be connected with the natural world? How has my experience in NYC forever altered my relationship with the untouched? I don’t think that at this juncture, as much as I try, I will ever truly regain the childhood, open, vast, animated love for nature; even though I wish I could"


Lilienne Shore Kilgore-Brown
"Idk if I’m supposed to provide a blurb? Basically, it combines elements from home (Washington) and NYC, showing a “connection”. Bit chaotic, but I like it : )"


Izzy Giusti


Samantha K Lujan


Brett Gelnovatch “Everything That Rises Must Converge” - Flannery O Connor


Brett Gelnovatch Incandescence


Kathryn Elena Whitten
"This is a painting of Limantour Beach in the Point Reyes National Seashore. I spend a lot of time at Limantour with my loved ones here at home. I decided to paint it for this project because during the pandemic, I have tried to focus on what I have gained instead of what I have lost. Rather than focus on lost connections to the Columbia community, I have chosen to focus on my connections to the people here at home as well as the beautiful place in which I live"


March 2021

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